I am a professional singer, who graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2010. I have done large scale concerts all over the nation, studio recordings and have sung in a lot of amazing venues all over the world.  During and in between my own gigs,  I also am a vocal coach who provides private voice lessons in her home studio in Long Beach, California, or in the comfort of your own home.  I teach a wide range of contemporary styles including but not limited to, R&B, Pop, Motown, Country, Soul, Indie, Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz and Musical Theater. Students will learn all the basics of the voice, breathing techniques and exercises, as well as how to properly use their voices. They will also be educated on amplifier and resonators, diction, how to focus your tone, humming and given routine vocal exercises. The student will also have extensive ear training, and music theory practice, they will all be taught how to read music, and be tested on sight reading/sight singing.


Lessons are $70/hour and $40/half hour.

You will need to bring a recording device in order to keep record of your lessons. This can be your laptop or tablet, voice memo recording, a CD, or even your phone's recorder. Then you will be able to listen to your lesson on your ipod, CD, or home computer.  My lessons are full of a wide range in vocal and musical knowledge. We are able to accomplish a lot in an hour, while still being in a very relaxed and casual setting.  I accept multiple methods of payment such as cash or check, and if  you would like to pay by PayPal or Venmo, the transfer must be made 3 business days prior to the lesson.  Lessons are always made to be FUN, EXCITING, and CHALLENGING! Fill out an inquiry below to hear about how you can SAVE BIG with my LESSON PACKAGES. 


I also offer 30 minute piano or guitar lessons for beginner level.  You can combine 30 minutes singing and 30 minutes piano for the same flat rate of $70/hour. I also have accompanists that can be hired to record videos for your social media to broaden your career through sites such as YouTube. Please call or email for pricing.


I have students who have never sung a day in their life before working with me, and others who are in rock bands, alternative bands, hard core scream singers, solo recording artist and singer/songwriters.  A lot of my students audition for American Idol, The Voice, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and for professional Musical Theatre jobs both here and in NYC.   I also have students who have nothing to do with the professional world of music at all, who are just looking to have fun and learn to sing!  I excel in teaching youth and children, I have clients some as young as 5 who are learning music skills to last a lifetime.  I also teach many teens, young clients, adults, and even seniors who aspire to gain entry to arts schools, post secondary arts programs, and onwards to a career in music as well as those who just want to attain musicality and experience the joy of singing.


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